June 1949 // Memories of Marilyn in Rockford

\”It was Flag Day, June 14, 1949. School was out, and an uncle of mine and I decided to go to a movie.

I heard her voice on the radio and it turned out to be that of Marilyn Monroe. That afternoon she would be appearing at the State Theater in the 100 block of West State Street. She had a walk-on part in the Marx Brothers movie “Love Happy.”

We bought our tickets, went in and there she was, in the back of the lobby behind a counter. We walked up to her. I had my autograph book and presented it to her and asked for an autograph. She took it, asked my name and wrote, “Best of Luck Always, Tom — Marilyn Monroe.”

I still have this today, along with these others: Ronald Reagan, Hank Aaron, Mickey Rooney, Peter Graves, Roger Whitaker and Lee Grant and others.

She was truly a beautiful young lady.\”

— Tom Hallden, Rockford [Rockford Register Star | May 24, 2009]