June 1949 // Memories of Marilyn in Rockford – Children’s Home


\”Bussing Hollywood Starlet Marilyn Monroe is one of her young hosts at the Children\’s Home of Rockford where she was a visitor today. Miss Monroe is making personal appearances here in connection with the pre-premiere showing of \”Love Happy\” at the State Theater. She is introduced in the film, which is attracting capacity crowds.\” Rockford Register Star, June 15, 1949

The Children\’s Home of Rockford is now called the Pioneer Building and is at 631 N Longwood.


Marilyn rode the Curtiss Six-Pony Hitch to the Children’s Home in order to pass out Baby Ruth candy bars and sign autographs for the kids. You can see part of the wagon behind her in the newspaper clipping.


Flickr, lairdascott, “Marilyn Monroe in person 1949”

Rockford Register Star, June 15, 1949