Marilyn’s Maternal ancestry // Monroe (Munro) of Scotland


“…Say, did you know that my real grandfather was related to President Monroe?” “Gee, really?” exclaims Berniece. “No, I didn’t. Hey, that means I am, too! He’s my grandfather, too!” “Right! That’s what Grace said Mother told her.” “I guess that ought to hold me for a while, finding out I’m related to a president!” Berniece exclaims. “But it won’t,” she warns, regaining composure. “I’m a bottomless pit of curiosity.”

Miracle, Berniece Baker; Miracle, Mona Rae. My Sister Marilyn: A Memoir of Marilyn Monroe (p. 52). iUniverse. Kindle Edition.



Marilyn’s Monroe side dates all the way back to(and of course much further than) the 16th Baron of Foulis Munro Clan in Scotland. Her Great(x11) Grandfather was Robert Munro.

“Robert was a resolute and magnanimous man, and a most loyal subject. When the English invaded Scotland under the Protector, the Duke of Somerset, all the noblemen, freeholders, and Chiefs of Clans were called upon to repair to Edinburgh with their friends and followers. The Chief of the Munros responded to the call with alacrity. Calling- together the fighting men of his clan he proceeded to Edinburgh, joined the Scottish army, and marched with it to the fatal field of Pinkie, where he fell fighting bravely at the head of his followers on the 8th of September, 1547. It is not known what became of his body ; it very probably remained on the field of battle, and was interred there along with others. He was succeeded by his eldest son.”

History of the Munros of Fowlis with genealogies of the principal families of the name: to which are added those of Lexington and New England by Mackenzie, Alexander, 1838-1898]


Robert Munro’s 5th son, George Munro perished in the Battle of Pinkie as well on September 10th, 1547. He was the 1st Lord of Katewell – the title was then passed to his son George Munro II and then to his son David Munro. David’s son Andrew Monroe (Marilyn’s 7th Great Grandfather) was the first to move to America from Scotland, though not by choice.

On August 17th, 1648 while fighting the Battle of Preston under his cousin George Munro I, Col. Andrew Munro/Monroe was taken prisoner and banished to Virginia, USA. He managed to escape and settle in Westmoreland, Virginia. He is the Great-Grandfather of President James Monroe.

And that very long explanation is how Marilyn and Berniece are related to James Monroe, the 5th President of the US!


I’ll break it down below as well:



Marilyn’s Mother Gladys Monroe was born on May 27th, 1902 in Mexico to American Parents Otis Elmer Monroe and Della Mae (Hogan) Monroe.


Otis Elmer Monroe (Grandfather)

B:14 May 1866 Marion County, Indiana, United States of America

D:22 Jul 1909 Patton, San Bernardino, California, USA

Parents: Jacob Monroe and Mary Elizabeth Appleton


Jacob Monroe (Great-Grandfather)

B:1831 Hendricks County, Indiana, United States of America

D:December 1870 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, United States of America

Parents: William Monroe and Mary Armstrong


William Monroe (2nd Great-Grandfather)

B:1 Feb 1800 Marion, Grant, Indiana, USA

D:Sep 1831 Indiana, USA

Parents: Alexander Monroe II and Elizabeth Chenowith


Alexander Monroe II (3rd Great Grandfather)

B:8 March 1756 Fauqier County, VA

D:20 November 1842 Southport, Marion County, Indiana, USA

Parents: Alexander Monroe and Margaret Laing


Alexander Monroe I (4th Great Grandfather)

B:1720 Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

D:1786 Carters Run Valley, Fauquier, Virginia, United States

Parents: William Gent Monroe II and Margaret Triplett

William Gent Monroe II (5th Great Grandfather)

B:1690 Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

D:1775 Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

Parents: William Gent Monroe I and Margaret Bowcock

William Gent Monroe I (6th Great Grandfather)

B:1666 Monroe Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

D:26 Apr 1737 Washington Parish, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA

[Grandfather of President James Monroe]

Parents: Andrew Monroe and Elizabeth Alexander

Andrew Monroe(7th Great Grandfather)

B:1625 Evanton, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, United Kingdom

D:1668 Doctor\’s Point, Westmoreland Co., Virginia, USA

Parents: David Munro and Agnes Hagan


David Munro (8th Great Grandfather)

B:1590 Katewell, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland

D:1 Jul 1648 Westmoreland, Westmoreland, Virginia, USA

Parents: George Munro II and Euphemia Forbes

George Munro II 2nd Lord of Katewell(9th Great Grandfather)

B:1540 Katewell, Ross, Ross And Cromarty, Scotland

D:1614 Katewell, Ross, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

Parent: George Munro I 1st Lord of Katewell

George Munro I 1st Lord of Katewell (10th Great Grandfather)

B:1514 Ross, Ross & Cromarty, Highlands, Scotland, United Kingdom

D:10 September 1547 Battle of Pinkie, Musselburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Parent: Robert Munro, 14th Baron of Foulis Munro


Clan Munro Foulis Castle

Robert Munro, 14th Baron of Foulis Munro (11th Great Grandfather)

B: Unknown

D: 10 September 1547, Battle of Pinkie