The Seven Year Itch, Alfred Newman, + A Letter to Three Wives

Alfred Newman worked in the Music Department of nearly every Marilyn Monroe picture throughout the 50’s [All About Eve, O. Henry’s Full House, How to Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and Bus Stop]

I’ve been on a Linda Darnell binge since The Criterion Collection highlighted her for the month of October. Her films have been a good cleanser for all the horror movies I’ve been watching.

Tonight, I watched “A Letter to Three Wives”. Right away in the opening scene, I heard something very familiar with Alfred’s name attached:

Apparently, The Girl’s theme song from The Seven Year Itch was the title track of A Letter to Three Wives! Itch’s version was updated with more of jazzy 50’s feel.

And they are both a play on “Sentimental Journey” which I think suits both films in different ways.

A few more fun facts about Alfred:

  • He was the Uncle of Randy \”You Got a Friend in Me\” Newman. The Newman family is like the Barrymores of the film score world.

  • He\’s also responsible for the 20th Century Fox fanfare that plays in front of its movies, even today.